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From Cedars to Hyssop (Foraging and Wildcrafting Plant Walks Now Being Scheduled)

Updated: Apr 12

"He knew all about plants, from the huge cedar that grows in Lebanon to the tiny hyssop that grows in the cracks of a wall..." 1 Kings 4:33a

Foraging in the Midwest.

My husband is reading through the Bible this year, and I listen to him as I'm getting ready for work. This morning, his reading included the description of the wisdom of Solomon. The chronicle told of everything Solomon knew; from laws, to stories, to science, to psychology and philosophy... and tucked into this litany was this verse that excited my heart! "He knew all about plants, from the huge cedar that grows in Lebanon to the tiny hyssop that grows in the cracks of a wall..." 1 Kings 4:33a It was important wisdom for the times, that's for sure! If you are feeling the need to gain this kind of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, I (Cindy) am booking plant walks now. I'm not promising you will be as wise as Solomon, but I can offer knowledge of the common plants on YOUR property and their uncommon benefits to you, your family and loved ones. If you are seeking a more sustainable, more local, and simpler lifestyle, the knowledge of what's right outside your door is a great place to start. The Property Plant Walk is $155 and includes a Falcon Guides "Foraging the Ozarks" by Missouri's foremost authority on Midwest plants, Bo Brown. It also includes a handout, supplies, plus a supply list and list of resources so that you can continue to learn and create. We start with a short introduction to the experience, then move outside to explore your land. With the walk, the edible and beneficial plants we discover will be introduced, described, and harvested.

After the walk, we will return to your kitchen or back deck, and create. What will we create? It depends on what we find! Typically, it's something good to eat and a wild tea, plus a healthy tincture or infusion to use for medicine or supplementation. Yes, Solomon was the wisest man in the world of his times. But YOU can be wise too! Wisdom isn't just knowing facts; it's understanding them and knowing what to practically do with those facts that makes you truly wise. Call Cindy and book your plant walk today!

Property Plant Walk and Foraging Adventures now being scheduled

About Cindy Trotter

Cindy Trotter, Certified Foraging Educator, is a curious plant enthusiast. She has been roaming the woods since childhood, always wondering "What's this good for?" She holds an undergraduate degree (BS) in Agriculture, and a graduate degree (M.Ed) in Educational Leadership. She has taught for various local and international institutions throughout her career-years, and now in her retirement is going back to her first love - the forests and fields. She is a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, foraging educator and recently became a certified wild-mushroom inspector as required by the Missouri Department of Health. This inspection is required for anyone who is retailing or marketing wild mushrooms, and for restaurants and chefs who wish to cook with wild mushrooms. I believe you will be in good hands!

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